The founders of Deltos Publishing, Kleanthis Arvanitakis and Frosso Arvanitaki, are the authors of the course Epikinoniste Ellinika and Communicate in Greek for Beginners, the English version of the first level of the course in question. They are also the authors and co-authors of some of the other material published by Deltos Publishing. Τhey both have had long experience in teaching Modern Greek to groups of speakers of other languages.
The other authors currently teach or have taught Greek as a foreign language. They are, consequently, fully aware of the concerns and interests of the learner of Modern Greek.

Our story

Deltos Publishing was founded in 1990 for the purpose of publishing pertinent material to help speakers of other languages learn Modern Greek. The material published can be used by/for students of 14 years of age or older.

Our objectives

  • To afford speakers of other languages the possibility to learn Greek as it is spoken and written today, in an easy and pleasant manner, as well as to become familiar with different aspects of both modern Greek culture and ancient Greek civilization through a variety of themes.
  • To offer teachers a well balanced approach, which will enable them to present and cover their material in an interesting and lively manner.