Deltos Publishing offers students of Modern Greek the possibility to further improve their proficiency in the language with the help of various supplementary materials. Mystika Orthographias, one of our more recent titles, is a significant conribution towards this goal.

Ellinika lexi-lexi


Ifigenia Mprachou, Stela Nestoratou, Vasilis Platis

    Our new title “Ellinika lexi-lexi” has been designed to meet the needs of the adult intermediate and/or advanced student (B2 to C2 levels) who is learning modern Greek as a foreign or second language. It aims at improving their reading comprehension, vocabulary and oral production, as well as offering them the opportunity for further practice in their writing skills.

    “Ellinika lexi-lexi” contains twenty units featuring selected subjects of a general or more specific interest. The units are enriched by photos, illustrations pertaining to contemporary and ancient Greek culture, a number of literary extracts, and a variety of oral and written exercises with answer key; each unit is supplemented by a wide range of vocabulary relating to the particular subject.

ISBN 978-960-7914-44-6

Odos Grammatikis


Π. Μακρόπουλος
Μ. Μοντζoλή
Ν. Ρουμπής
Β. Τζοβάρα

    “Odos Grammatikis” presents the most important grammar topics of Modern Greek in a simple, user-friendly manner. In fact, it is a grammar guide, suitable for those who are learning Greek as a second or foreign language, for those who teach it to Greeks or speakers of others languages, as well as for natural speakers who would prefer to refer to a grammar book as uncompli-cated as possible.

    “Odos Grammatikis” contains the following units:

    • the Article
    • the Noun
    • the Adjective
    • the Adverb
    • the Pronouns
    • the Verb
    • the Participle/Gerund
    • the Prepositions
    • the Sentences

    All topics are presented through:

    Clearly phrased rules

    ✔ Analytical tables
    ✔ Realistic examples of exceptions
    ✔ Simple clarifications on difficult topics
    ✔ Warnings for avoiding common errors
    ✔ Useful examples


    At the end of the book one will find a concise guide of orthography as well as a glossary in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Arabic.

ISBN 978-960-7914-43-9

Mystika Orthografias


Lelia Panteloglou

    Mystika Orthografias is based on a novel approach to the orthography of Modern Greek. It makes the choice of the correct letter or letter combination an easy task. The book is addressed to (a) speakers of other languages who are learning Modern Greek and (b) native speakers (school or university students, professionals etc.) who are uncertain about an aspect (or more) of its orthography.


    The book includes:


    • a short description of the phonological system
    • rules (with examples)
    • a short grammar of Modern Greek
    • written exercises for each unit
    • key to the exercises
ISBN 978-960-7914-35-4